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Wifite : Hacking Wifi The Easy Way

While the aircrack-ng suite is a well known name in the wireless hacking , the same can’t be said about Wifite. Living in the shade of the greatness of established aircrack-ng suite, Wifite has finally made a mark in a field where aircrack-ng failed. It made wifi hacking everyone’s piece of cake.

Most Android devices lack latest security patches

Nearly three-quarters of Android devices on the five biggest U.S. carriers are running on security patches that are at least two months old, putting them at greater risk of being hacked. That finding was made in an analysis released Thursday by Skycure, a mobile threat defense vendor. The report also found that the city of Boston…

D@rk Web L1nk$

To visit the following sites, download Tor. A lot of links contain some illegal activities. We don’t endorse these, so enter at your own risk. Your searches will not be monitored though, that’s the beauty of Tor.

Facebook manifesto redacted to omit plans for AI to monitor private messages

An earlier version of Mark Zuckerberg’s 6,000-word manifesto for Facebook revealed his belief that artificial intelligence could one day be used to monitor private messages for terrorists scheming an attack. The text eventually published by Zuckerberg on Thursday did detail how Facebook is using AI today to flag terrorist propaganda in public posts. However, as…

The Coolest Hacks Of 2016

In a year when ransomware became the new malware and cyber espionage became a powerful political propaganda tool for Russia, it’s easy to forget that not all hacking in 2016 was so ugly and destructive. Sure, cybercrime and cyber espionage this past year turned the corner into more manipulative and painful territory for victims. But…