Average DDoS attack volumes grew by 194% in 12 months


The volume and complexity of DDoS attacks continued to grow in Europe during the final quarter of 2018, according to Link11. While Link11’s Security Operations Center (LSOC) registered 13,910 attacks in Q4 (12.7% down compared to Q3), the average attack volume grew by 8.7% to 5Gbps, and 59% of attacks used multiple attack vectors.

Key findings of Link11’s Q4 DDoS report include:

  • Average attack volumes grew by 194% in 12 months: In Q4 2018, average attack volumes were 5Gbps, nearly treble the 1.7Gbps average seen in Q4 2017. Attackers are using increasingly powerful botnets comprising misused cloud servers, hijacked IoT devices and embedded devices.