Tip of the week: How to delete unwanted programs

Generally speaking, programs you don’t want — the bloatware that came with your computer or piggybacked on software updates, for example — often are not really dangerous. Nevertheless, they may be a drag in various ways, launching unwanted processes and slowing down your system, tracking your movements online and sending personal data to software developers….

Ongoing Use of Windows Vista, IE8 Pose Huge Enterprise Threat

A new report highlights the high number of users still operating outdated Windows operating systems and unsupported browsers. This represents a huge threat to the organizations whose users access company networks from insecure laptops and home computers within the growing adoption of BYOD policies. Duo Security reports that 65% of its clients’ Windows users are…

Researchers build undetectable rootkit for programmable logic controllers

Researchers have devised a new malware attack against industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that takes advantage of architectural shortcomings in microprocessors and bypasses current detection mechanisms. The attack changes the configuration of the input/output pins that make up the interface used by PLCs to communicate with other devices such as sensors, valves, and motors.

Black Hat Europe 2016 S:  How Artificial Intelligence Will Liberate Security

T. Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolution outlined an episodic model in which periods of “normal science” were interrupted by periods of “revolutionary science.” It challenges us as a society to consider new paradigms, to change the rules of the game, our standards and our best practices. The advent of applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), also…