TrapX Security Wins Cyber Defense Magazine Award 2017

SAN MATEO, Calif. — February 13, 2016 — TrapX Security®, a global leader in deception-based advanced cyber-security defense, today announced DeceptionGrid™ was recognized as the 2017 Hot Company in Deception Based Security Solution by Cyber Defense Magazine for its annual award program.

The Cyber Defense Magazine Awards recognize companies in the Information Security space that provide unique and compelling value based on their product or service. Honorees are selected by certified security professionals who vote based on independent reviews.

“The ever-evolving threat landscape has impacted a number of industries, including healthcare, financial services and manufacturers of Internet-connected devices. TrapX DeceptionGrid is designed to detect the movement and strategies of cyberattackers who have already penetrated the network, fundamentally changing the game by keeping attackers disorientated,” said Greg Enriquez, CEO of TrapX Security. “Being recognized by fellow security professionals and Cyber Defense Magazine is an honor and reaffirms the value DeceptionGrid brings to our customers.”

About DeceptionGrid
DeceptionGrid provides a multi-tier deception architecture that is designed to match attackers’ techniques and deceive them at every step. Through the use of deception Tokens (lures) as well as of camouflaged medium- and high-interaction Traps (decoys), DeceptionGrid baits, engages and traps attackers among an organization’s actual IT resources. TrapX traps appear identical to real operational IT assets and connected Internet-of-things (IoT) devices. Deception in Depth takes the illusion further by engaging sophisticated attackers through a facade of convincing network traffic among the traps.

When cyber attackers penetrate an enterprise perimeter, they move laterally to locate high-value targets. DeceptionGrid dynamically baits, engages and traps attackers across all areas of the network. Just one touch of the DeceptionGrid by an attacker sets off a high-confidence alert. DeceptionGrid integrates with key elements of the network and security ecosystem to contain attacks and enable a return to normal operations.

“We’re thrilled to recognize next-generation innovation in the information security marketplace, and that’s why TrapX has earned this award from Cyber Defense Magazine. Some of the best Information Security defenses come from these kinds of forward-thinking players who think outside of the box,” said Pierluigi Paganini, editor-in-chief, Cyber Defense Magazine.

Learn more from TrapX at RSA
TrapX vice president of product strategy Anthony James will be speaking at RSA on Thursday, February 16, 2017, from 8:00 – 8:45 a.m. James will be discussing the vulnerabilities and attack strategies affecting today’s global healthcare institutions and will detail how a medical device at a hospital with ten member hospitals was compromised because the device was using an older operating system. He will explain how deception technology was used to identify an X-ray image viewer that was compromised and used as a command-and-control center for the attacker, enabling it to move laterally through the hospital’s network.