How SG UTM fits with Synchronized Security

You may be wondering how SG UTM fits in with this new Synchronized Security era we’re entering. The answer is: very well! It’s already got some great Synchronized Security-like integration built-in, and it’s a great platform to start your Synchronized Security journey.

SG UTM, Endpoint and SMC integration

As you probably know, SG UTM has enjoyed tight integration with Sophos Endpoint and Mobile solutions for some time now. Customers have taken advantage of SG UTM’s integration with Sophos Endpoints for off-site web policy enforcement, and with Sophos Mobile Control for NAC-like features to keep non-compliant devices off the network. In fact, it’s these kinds of features which inspired the Synchronized Security strategy. Sophos UTM has been a leader in this area, and still offers some of the best integration between products available.

SG 430

Sophos SG UTM

SG UTM is a great platform to get started with

SG UTM is loved by partners, customers and industry analysts for its simplicity, performance, value and protection. It’s trusted, proven, and feature-rich. It’s also got some great integration with other Sophos products as we’ve already discussed. But it’s also important to keep in mind that SG UTM can be upgraded to enable the next wave of Synchronized Security features, at no charge, at the time of your choosing.

Easily upgrade to XG Firewall when the time is right

Our new XG Firewall is our platform for the future, built on a next-gen foundation that enables a whole new level of integration: Synchronized Security. While it’s still early days for XG Firewall, the great news is that SG and XG hardware appliances are exactly the same, so they can both run the new firmware at the heart of XG Firewall and Synchronized Security – it is 100% compatible with SG-Series hardware appliances.

This means SG UTM appliances can be easily upgraded to the new XG Firewall firmware. There is no upgrade charge whatsoever, so when the time is right for you to migrate you’ll get all the great features you value in the SG UTM and the added bonus of Synchronized Security and other innovative features that are exclusive to XG Firewall.

SG UTM continues to get better and better

While you are still enjoying your SG UTM you’ll be pleased to hear we’re continuing to enhance and update SG UTM with great new features and hardware options as well. Check out all the great stuff in the recent release of UTM Elevated 9.4, if you haven’t already.  And be sure to submit your feature requests for upcoming UTM 9 releases too.

More questions?

If you have further questions about the details of how migrating your SG UTM license or configuration to XG will work, we are keeping the Migration FAQ up to date with the latest information.

Synchronized Security comes to Encryption, Sever and more

As you can imagine, we’re rapidly expanding our Synchronized Security plans – it’s about far more than just connecting endpoint and firewall. Continue to monitor this site to find out how we’re connecting more and more security components to Synchronized Security at every point.