OneLogin Delivers Cloud-Native Endpoint Authentication to Secure Laptops Company-Wide

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February 14, 2017 – OneLogin, the identity management provider bringing speed and integrity to the modern enterprise, today announced the availability of OneLogin Desktop for Windows. OneLogin Desktop is now the industry’s first cloud-native endpoint management that works for laptops running both Windows and macOS, eliminating a major source of security breaches for enterprises.

OneLogin Desktop binds laptops to OneLogin Cloud Directory when users login to Windows or macOS. IT teams can now apply strong password policies to all laptops in the workplace, making it harder for hackers to access company data through a lost or stolen laptop. Users get True Single Sign-on — when they sign into Windows or macOS, they also sign into their SaaS applications. This provides a frictionless login experience for users, resulting in fewer support tickets for password resets, which can account for up to 30 percent of a helpdesk’s workload.

“It only takes one unsecured laptop in the wrong hands to compromise a company’s security. With OneLogin Desktop for Windows, companies can finally secure all laptops by applying a consistent set of password policies across all their PCs or Macs, whether they use Active Directory or not, and whether they’re used by employees or the extended enterprise,” said David Meyer, Vice President, Product, OneLogin.

OneLogin Desktop facilitates cloud migrations. For companies beginning their cloud migration, OneLogin Desktop can use Active Directory credentials, since OneLogin Cloud Directory syncs with AD. Companies further in their cloud migration can just use OneLogin Cloud Directory, eliminating the time and expense of managing AD.

“OneLogin Desktop is like having an Active Directory in the cloud. With certificates on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari, users just log into their computer, and they’re automatically authenticated into all their SaaS apps, no MFA needed,” said Ron Sharon, director of IT, Ibotta. “With OneLogin Desktop, we can enforce password policies for devices and SaaS apps, reset passwords, and disable accounts — all from the cloud.”