Kaspersky VPN adds Wireguard protocol and other new features

Woburn, MA – April 12, 2023  Kaspersky has announced an updated version of its Kaspersky VPN. The new version includes a Wireguard protocol for a more protected and transparent connection. Other features added are a dark theme and new locations for connections. Additionally, Kaspersky’s VPN infrastructure provider, Pango, has undergone an Application Security Audit conducted by Aon Cyber Solutions.

The world’s virtual private network (VPN) market has been on a constant rise. In 2022, it amounted to 44.6 billion dollars. According to various studies, people use VPNs for multiple purposes,

including to protect personal data, to use public Wi-Fi securely, or to increase security.

One of the most significant updates is the addition of the Wireguard protocol. As a result, Kaspersky VPN now supports two protocols: Hydra and Wireguard. Wireguard is open source, so it is ultimately an important step toward enhancing product credibility. At the moment, this protocol works on Windows devices, but there are plans to add other platforms such as macOS, iOS and Android this year. This change also enables users to choose which protocol to use – Wireguard or Hydra.

At the end of last year, Kaspersky’s VPN service provider, Pango, underwent a “trust audit” from Aon Cyber Solution. The purpose of this audit was to perform a security assessment focusing on the privacy of the company’s Catapult Hydra source code and the Partner VPN platform. The results of the audit confirmed the safety and confidentiality of user activity.

In addition to the new protocol, a dark theme has become available in the new version. Today, it is an important part of UX design that will allow users to adapt the product for themselves. In addition to the dark theme, the new version has added four new locations their customers can connect to, including Bangladesh (Dhaka), Liechtenstein (Vaduz), Russia (Novosibirsk) and China (Shanghai).

Dark theme in Kaspersky VPN

Currently, Kaspersky VPN is the fastest solution on the market, overtaking key VPN providers on the market [1], according to the recent AV-TEST test results. Kaspersky VPN gained first place among the most examined categories and showed outstanding download capabilities and torrent speeds both in local and overseas testing. Moreover, Kaspersky VPN proved unbeatable leak resistance in industry tests, in any test category.

“Our VPN product is immodestly one of the best solutions on the market, meeting all the key needs of users,” said Marina Titova, vice president, consumer product marketing at Kaspersky. “We mean here not only the number of available locations, but also the speed performance, proven by AV-TEST results, leak resistance and, most importantly, the reliable and transparent privacy policy, verified by recent Aon audit. We strive to develop our product in accordance with the possible need of users and ensure the highest level of quality in our solutions.”