Kaspersky Safe Kids mobile app gets new look and features

Woburn, MA – April 18, 2023 – Kaspersky has announced the launch of the updated Kaspersky Safe Kids mobile app. The product has a new interface, a new home screen for children and new features, including banner hints that provide parents with the best settings to get the most out of the app.

According to a recent survey conducted by Kaspersky, kids’ digital lives start at a young age. Seventy-five percent of children ages 7-13 have their own handheld devices. Given this fact, parents want to be sure their kids are safe in the digital world. Survey results show that 65 percent of parents are concerned about their children’s digital safety.

Kaspersky Safe Kids’ most noticeable update is the mobile app’s new design. As a result, the app’s interface has become more convenient and user-friendly. In addition, parents can now also view all their kids’ digital activity and all their devices on one map. This means adults can see device and app user status from the main screen, quickly and easily access child reports, and instantly block a website with one tap. The new design is available for iOS and Android devices.

The new Kaspersky Safe Kids will provide parents with new ways to communicate with the app. A new “Banner Hints” section is placed on the parents’ main screen. It provides parents with valuable tips and advice on selecting the best settings, digital life hacks, and more. All of this is aimed at helping parents to get the most out of the app.

The new home screen for children empowers kids to manage their time by themselves, allowing them to track rules, including screen time limits, and view parents’ responses to requests. This includes visits to prohibited sites, promoting responsible digital habits from an early age.

“Considering that children today are getting their first devices at a very young age, we want to provide parents with effective and convenient tools to protect their kids from undesirable digital experiences and establish healthy digital habits,” said Marina Titova, vice president, consumer product marketing at Kaspersky. “With the redesigned interface and enhanced features, the new Kaspersky Safe Kids aims to make digital parenting more effective, transparent, and user-friendly for both parents and children. Parents can dive deeper into their children’s online interests, while children can learn responsible digital behavior, ensuring a safer and healthier digital experience for the whole family.”