Frost & Sullivan Names FireEye Leader in Advanced Malware Market

MILPITAS, CA – November 10, 2016—FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the intelligence-led security company, continues to own the largest share of the advanced malware sandbox (AMS) market according to Frost & Sullivan, an industry analyst firm that recently released a comprehensive report on the AMS market.

In the 198-page report, Frost & Sullivan forecasts that the AMS market reached nearly a billion dollars in revenue in 2015 and will grow to $3.3 billion by 2020 as this security technology gains greater adoption. A condensed version of the full AMS report is available here.

Frost & Sullivan presented FireEye with a Market Leadership Award in recognition of the company’s position in the AMS market, noting that FireEye exhibited “excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership… driving business performance by innovating for the future.”  A copy of the Market Leadership Award overview is available here.

“As Frost & Sullivan made clear in its report, FireEye’s intense focus on delivering innovative security technology is central to our leadership in this market and our success in expanding FireEye’s reach to address the broader alert-to-fix process,” said FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia.  “This commitment to innovation – rooted in our MVX technology – continues to drive FireEye today, as evidenced by the strength of the products we offer our customers, the intelligence we gather, the consulting services we provide, and the security as a service model we use to deliver all this more effectively.”

“FireEye has cemented its reputation as a provider of high-quality security solutions and has won business from some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations and government agencies,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Chris Rodriguez. “Despite continued demand for FireEye sandbox solutions, the company has continued to identify opportunities for growth, including products and services that support customer security detection, investigation, and response capabilities.”

According to Frost & Sullivan, FireEye is the clear market leader, with more than 50 percent of the AMS market. FireEye’s first-mover advantage and the quality of its threat management platform were seen as keys to the company’s market lead. Some other highlights from the AMS report and Market Leadership Award overview include:

  • FireEye is recognized as the first company to officially pioneer sandbox technology commercially for cyber security, and the company is now synonymous with advanced malware sandboxing solutions and advanced threat protection;
  • FireEye gains insight into the nature of advanced threats as more of the company’s sensors are deployed;
  • FireEye’s rise in network security is the result of the company’s ability to identify shortcomings in the security industry, and to develop high-quality and innovative enterprise solutions that close these gaps.

In its AMS report, the analyst firm said the market leadership role is important, as the AMS leader sets customer expectations and further fosters market development.

Frost & Sullivan said AMS is a “must-have” security technology that has now reached mass adoption, noting that advanced malware now threatens businesses of all sizes, necessitating a new approach to detection and mitigation. The report stated that the traditional security architecture of an impenetrable perimeter of signature-based tools protecting a trusted internal network is no longer a useful security blueprint, and that advanced malware sandbox technology has proven to be an important missing piece of the puzzle.