FireEye Introduces Cloud MVX and MVX Smart Grid – the Most Intelligent Threat Detection Delivered via Public, Hybrid, or Private Cloud

MILPITAS, Calif. – Nov. 3, 2016 – FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the intelligence-led security company, today introduced its new network security offerings – Cloud MVX™ and MVX Smart Grid™, the most intelligent threat detection available via public, hybrid, or private cloud. Cloud MVX and MVX Smart Grid simplify and integrate security for large, distributed enterprises and mid-market organizations at lower cost; seamlessly expand protection with the industry-leading MVX™ engine for existing customers; and provide integration of FireEye TAP™ and HX™ with Cloud MVX enabling third-party alert validation and a richer endpoint security experience. Cloud MVX is expected to be available in November 2016, and MVX Smart Grid is available globally now.

FireEye iSIGHT® Intelligence was also enhanced to simplify the way intelligence is delivered and consumed by customers. Introduced today is a new intelligence delivery model, which tailors intelligence to the function of the user or team, consuming it. These intelligence subscriptions are available globally now.

The unique machine learning and analytics of the MVX engine deliver automated threat detection and blocking that generic sandboxes, endpoint solutions, and other products miss or hide among high false positives. Combined with the enhancements to FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence, FireEye continues to innovate around simplifying the security operations experience for our customers.

“Cloud MVX and MVX Smart Grid simplify and expand the protection of the pioneering FireEye MVX engine at lower cost, an innovation that gives a broader set of organizations access to the most intelligent detection anywhere and for any device,” said Grady Summers, chief technology officer, FireEye. “The new Cloud MVX, completely rearchitected MVX Smart Grid, and FireEye platform integrations with TAP and HX detect threats that other products miss. The new role-based intelligence provides the simplest way to act on and integrate cyber threat intelligence across security operations.”

The Most Intelligent Detection, Anywhere

MVX Smart Grid takes the world’s leading network security and makes it even better with entirely new, flexible and scalable deployment architecture via a hybrid or private cloud. MVX Smart Grid uses an innovative approach to more effectively secure campuses, branch offices, and remote users through the separation of FireEye’s pioneering MVX engine and the development of hardware and virtual Smart Nodes™. Smart Nodes analyze Internet traffic to detect and block threats using a variety of techniques such as static analysis, analytics, IPS, applied intelligence, and more, while the MVX engine performs core dynamic analysis.

Coming later in November 2016, Cloud MVX provides a FireEye public cloud deployment of the MVX engine, allowing organizations to shift threat detection to the cloud, making the most intelligent security available anywhere, at any time, on a subscription basis. Working in conjunction with Smart Nodes, Cloud MVX is designed to ensure simple, real-time detection and blocking of known and unknown threats across the entire organization. Unlike generic cloud-based sandboxes, Cloud MVX does not simply analyze objects, but instead replays network traffic to identify attacks that span multiple network flows. This ensures that FireEye’s threat detection can now be deployed however customers want.

In addition, Cloud MVX integrations with FireEye Endpoint Security and FireEye Threat Analytics Platform™ give customers these capabilities not just within FireEye products, but also for alerts from third party products within their infrastructure.

For more information about Cloud MVX and MVX Smart Grid, please join the webinar or visit: FireEye Network Security.

Simpler, Actionable Intelligence

The new means of intelligence delivery from FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence reflects the integration of FireEye’s platform and forms the basis of the industry’s most intelligent detection and the FireEye intelligence-led approach. It is a new consumption model for customers that strengthens the applicability of intelligence throughout all levels of a security organization, while delivering visibility into a broad, comprehensive coverage of cyber threats beyond the typical attack lifecycle.

FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence customers now can choose from five offerings along with three intelligence support options. These include:

  • Tactical: Designed to enhance and better prioritize customer alerts with indicators driven from FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence’s unique adversary, victim, and machine intelligence
  • Operational: For those looking to add actionable context around detections and alerts to enable better triage, prioritization, and informed response
  • Fusion: Provides security teams comprehensive situational awareness through insights into ongoing, past and predictive threat activity along with sets of contextual understanding that can be tailored based on their specific risks
  • Executive: Enables executives and security leaders to understand their organization’s true threat profile and improve executive level communications
  • Vulnerability: For organizations looking to optimize their vulnerability and/or patch management workflows based on actual risk and exploitability of vulnerabilities.

For more information about this new offering, please visit the FireEye blog: Introducing Simpler, Actionable Intelligence from FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence. For more information about FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence, please join the webinar or visit: FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence.

Faster Endpoint Investigations

In addition, a new Audit Viewer™ capability in FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) provides in-depth access to endpoint and system details for complete forensic audits all within a single endpoint dashboard. When combined with the existing HX capabilities and  the integration into Cloud MVX, this allows analysts to optimize their time and minimizes errors by allowing for an integrated detection to investigation to response workflow without ever needing to flip between multiple systems. This simplifies the investigative process and delivers the quickest time to protection.

For more information about Audit Viewer, please visit the FireEye blog: Faster Endpoint Investigations with HX 3.2 Audit Viewer. For more information about FireEye Endpoint Security, please visit: FireEye Endpoint Security.