Emsisoft Mobile Security 3.0 – malware protection and more for your Android

Gone are the days when your phone was just your phone. Now, we all rely on our mobile devices for work, social connection and for managing our lives. Your mobile contains your contacts, family photos and saves private financial information such as your online banking and credit card details.  And, just like your home PC, your mobile phone can be reprogrammed to act like a computer or give you remote access to your PC. Our mobile devices are intimately connected to almost everything we do.

Malware attacks on mobile devices are on the rise and any internet capable device has the potential to be infected.

That’s why protection has never been as important as it is today. Cleaning out your phone after it has been infected won’t bring back lost data. You have to make sure your personal data doesn’t get stolen or spied on in the first place.

We partnered with mobile segment leader Bitdefender to bring you the best mobile protection available incorporated as Emsisoft Mobile Security. Bitdefender’s technology is highly regarded in the industry earning 100% from AV-Test. Our partnership gives you the best of both worlds; the best mobile protection on the market bundled with our award winning Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

So what’s new?
Emsisoft Mobile Security is faster, leaner, has better detection capabilities and is cheaper than other providers. It works seamlessly on Android-powered phones and tablets alike. The Bitdefender cloud does all the hard work and the in-the-cloud antivirus services are always updated, keeping the size of the app slim and battery performance high. Privacy Advisor helps you to keep a watchful eye on your app permissions and Web browsing is made safe with Web Security turned to ‘on’. If your device gets lost or stolen, Anti-Theft helps you out with your phone’s location and a lock.  If your pin is entered incorrectly too many times, your phone will capture a photo of the thief. You can even remotely wipe data from your phone.

Major benefits
Emsisoft Mobile Security keeps your android phone or tablet free from malware
The growing popularity of smart devices has seen a sharp increase in the attention of cyber criminals. Ransomware attacks on mobiles are increasing, malware known as ‘dialers’ continually calls expensive numbers costing you. Apps seek additional permissions to spy on you. Rather than trying to clear these from your phone after you have already paid ransom, run up an expensive phone bill or had your private conversations shared, Emsisoft Mobile Security prevents your phone from being infected in the first place. Malware scanner checks apps as you install them to prevent unpleasant surprises. It works in the cloud so you’re always running the latest checks.

Anti-Theft helps you to find your phone

If your phone is taken and your PIN is entered too many times, your phone will take a photo of the person in front of the screen and will send you the location coordinates. You will also be able to remotely wipe all data from your phone before. Even if you simply misplaced your phone, you can go to central.emsisoft.com and get a hold of it.

Privacy Advisor monitors app behaviour

Why does a calculator need access to your contacts? Avoid privacy concerns such as apps that peek at your private data and spy on your surfing habits. You can even get a privacy ranking of all installed apps with a single tap.


Lock individual apps with a PIN to prevent unwanted access to apps that contain sensitive information.

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