Emsisoft Beta updates – 2016-11-24

A brief rundown of the exciting improvements we’ve made to version 12 of Emsisoft Emergency Kit:

  • Improved Scanning Engine, optimized for detection and removal of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), that represent a major nuisance today.
  • Improved Anti-Malware Network file database lookups to verify scanner alerts and to avoid false positives.
  • Revised Whitelisting feature that allows users to create exclusions of programs and folders, now with flexible wildcard- and environment variables support.
  • Redesigned User Interface and user experience improvements to make it easier to navigate and more convenient to use.
  • Detail improvements and fixes based on community- and tester-feedback, as usual.

How to test

You can install version 12 either by selecting the “Beta” update feed in Settings -> Updates
Please note that the upgrade from version 11 is a 2 step procedure, i.e. you have to perform 2 updates.

Please note, once your computer upgrades to version 12, you can’t switch back to version 11 anymore. To do that, you’ll need to remove version 12 completely and re-install an older setup package from our website.