Cybereason Receives a ‘Strong’ Rating in All EDR Use Cases in Gartner’s Comparison of Endpoint Detection and Response Technologies and Solutions Report

Cybereason today announced that its military-grade, real-time detection and response platform, was given a ‘Strong’ rating by Gartner in a recent comparative review of endpoint detection and response vendors (Gartner GTP access is required to view the report).

Cybereason’s threat hunting platform achieved the highest possible rating of ‘Strong’ in all five use cases, including: incident data search and investigation; suspicious activity detection; alert triage or suspicious activity validation; threat hunting or data exploration and stopping malicious activity. Gartner’s research used a Harvey Balls table to summarize how each product supported the aforementioned use cases. Vendors were given scores of ‘Weak,’ ‘Average’ or ‘Strong’ in five use cases.

“Endpoint detection and response tools enable an organization to achieve comprehensive endpoint visibility, improve its ability to detect malicious activities and simplify security incident response,” according to Gartner analysts Augusto Barros and Anton Chuvakin

“Cybereason is the first and only company to develop a military-grade, automated prevention, detection and response platform that enables companies to become proactive hunters that disrupt the adversary in real time. Our award-winning platform turns the tables on hackers, making them the targets, instead of the banks, retailers, hospitals and global enterprises that are far too frequently making headlines due to a breach,” said Lior Div, co-founder and CEO, Cybereason.

Cybereason recently enhanced its military-grade, real-time detection and response platform, including the launch of the industry’s most advanced ransomware detection and blocking capabilities, Attack Blocker, a new capability that shuts down threats in real time by blocking process execution and preventing network communication and its Active Monitoring Service.