CounterTack Digital DNA® Earns Five Stars from SC Media’s SC Labs Review

Waltham, MA – March 3, 2017 – CounterTack, the exclusive provider of the industry’s one true behavior-based and memory-based Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP) for the enterprise, announced today that its Digital DNA (DDNA) product received a five-star review from the SC Media SC Labs team in the Threat Detection and Analysis product group tests. The SC Lab Reviews experts recognized DDNA for its “good level of detail, ease of use and its excellent price point.”

DDNA offers unparalleled memory forensics based on behavioral trait analysis for the detection of zero-days, fileless malware and other threat indicators that often go undetected by signature-based solutions. DDNA analyzes binaries in-memory with a behavior-based algorithm to expose purpose-built, anti-forensic measures featured in today’s most advanced malware, ultimately delivering a predictive threat analysis.

“We’re thrilled to see CounterTack’s DDNA technology receive such a stellar review from SC Media,” said Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack. “This product review validates DDNA’s value as a truly unique in-memory technology that enhances threat detection and helps teams better predict how threats might execute and proliferate. CounterTack’s continued innovation in endpoint threat detection and analysis powers our portfolio of products, and we are enhancing other cybersecurity platforms’ detection across the broader market with DDNA.”

DDNA is the only patented memory analysis technology that automatically reverse-engineers memory images, examining code for potentially malicious behavioral traits & threats, seamlessly integrating into products and services via API, driver and library. DDNA offers immediate value to improve threat detection and value for external service offerings.

DDNA an essential technology that is integrated into CounterTack’s Endpoint Threat Platform. CounterTack also integrates DDNA into its newly announced ThreatScan PRO product, a cloud-delivered, easy-to-deploy, memory-based endpoint threat scanning solution that scans endpoint environments for malware infections and other indicators of compromise. DDNA is also the fundamental technology that powers its Responder PRO forensic investigation tool, helping incident response teams reverse-engineer threats much more capably than they would with Volatility.

In addition to its own solutions, DDNA is also available to customers through CounterTack’s DDNA ecosystem and product licensing program. Symantec was the latest company to integrate DDNA into its Malware Analysis solution joining other DDNA Ecosystem partners including Digital Guardian. For more information on DDNA or joining the Ecosystem, please visit our product page.