Corero Network Security Introduces SmartProtect Program for Enabling DDoS Protection-as-a-Service

Marlborough, MA – January 24, 2016 –  Corero Network Security’s (LSE: CNS) today introduced SmartProtect, a new program to enable DDoS Protection-as-a-Service (DDPaaS) for hosting providers and  internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver to their customer base. With SmartProtect, providers take advantage of Corero’s SmartWall® Network Threat Defense (TDS) solution to successfully offer their downstream customers a managed DDoS security service that delivers advanced DDoS protection for these businesses and in turn, drive new service revenue.

“Corero SmartProtect is a new program designed for a broad ecosystem of service providers – hosted, managed and ISP – which gives these operators the capability to deliver advanced DDoS protection as a new high-value managed service to their customers, with an easily digestible economic model,” said Corero CEO, Ashley Stephenson. “Not only does this enable another layer of defense against multi-vector DDoS attacks for service providers’ infrastructure, but it gives them stronger competitive positioning in the marketplace and a new service offering to add to their portfolio of revenue generating services.”

The program allows unique procurement options for providers to purchase real-time DDoS mitigation technology from Corero, to better meet the needs of the buying process effectively lowering the barrier to entry for automated DDoS mitigation.

“Tier 2 and Tier 3 Service Providers and Hosting Providers now have access to DDoS protection at the price and performance that makes sense to their business, whereas five years ago, this wasn’t a possibility. Traditional DDoS solutions historically have not given way to enabling additional service offerings that service providers could use to generate incremental revenue. This combination now provides a game changing opportunity for the service provider community.”-Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director and Advisor.

The SmartProtect program couples industry leading technology with the operational and analytics tools for implementing DDoS protection-as-a-Service:

  • Automatic DDoS detection and protection; combines highest level of DDoS protection and linear scale to any capacity at industry disrupting price points
  • Corero Security Operations Center monitors and manages the DDoS protection lifecycle, eliminating the need for in-house DDoS security experts
  • Flexible and scalable solutions to meet the needs of the dynamic service provider

Also introduced as a key component of the SmartProtect program, a first in the DDoS mitigation industry; the availability of the SmartWall Service Portal that provides real-time, per-customer visibility and administration for:

  • Traffic and attack dashboards globally, and per customer
  • Role-based access for provider and customers
  • Reporting and service alerting
  • Customer life-cycle management functions

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