Corero Combats Terabit DDoS Attacks With Terabit Scale Protection

Marlborough, MA- November 16, 2016 –  Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of real-time security solutions against DDoS attacks, today has announced the ability to provide a Terabit of mitigation capacity with automatic DDoS defense technology at an unprecedented price point.

In response to the recent escalation of large scale DDoS botnets driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly as we move to Terabit sized attacks, the only practical long-term defense strategy mandates Internet service provider and hosting provider involvement. Individual enterprises alone cannot respond to this magnitude of DDoS threat.

Deploying DDoS protection at terabit scale has previously been very expensive and complex. Corero’s SmartWall® Threat Defense technology brings key innovations that make deploying terabit mitigation capacity practical; including the ability to distribute protection closer to the source of the attack and real-time protection that eliminates time-to-mitigation outages, and reduces the need to sacrifice the victim customer to save the provider’s network.

Today Corero is bringing to the market an affordable solution that scales to the IoT age – one Terabit of wire speed, real-time DDoS mitigation can be achieved with the SmartWall® Threat Defense system for $1 Million USD. Alternatively, this award winning technology is available as a managed service with one Terabit of managed DDoS mitigation capacity via the Corero SecureWatch® service for $40K USD per month. This is compared to alternative mitigation solutions that cost upwards of $5 Million dollars and beyond.

Ashley Stephenson, CEO at Corero Network Security, explains, “Terabit sized DDoS attacks, originating from compromised IoT devices such as the Mirai botnet, are proving to be an immensely disruptive force. Providers must have access to economically viable DDoS mitigation solutions that can scale to address this new threat.”

To learn more about Corero’s SmartWall system or SecureWatch services, or talk to a member of our sales team, please contact [email protected].