Cisco Jasper and Jupl Introduce Wearable to Empower Seniors with Independence and Safety

BARCELONA, Spain (Mobile World Congress) – To empower the world’s rising population of elderly, Cisco Jasper® and Jupl have collaborated to provide a wearable mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) that promotes safety and wellness. The wearable device leverages the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and purpose-built software from Jupl to provide a personal emergency response device without the need for a smartphone. These devices, which leverage the Cisco® Jasper IoT platform to deliver connected health services, greatly increase independence for users while providing peace of mind for them and their friends and family.

The smartwatch devices with Jupl’s connected health software utilize embedded SIM technology that enables a smaller form factor packed with features such as GPS monitoring, activity tracking and telephonic capabilities – all without the presence of a smartphone. Each of these services is managed via the Cisco Jasper Control Center IoT platform, and delivers the following benefits:

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) – Provides users with peace of mind knowing that they can automatically notify emergency services and their healthcare professional in real time and be easily located no matter where they are.
  • Biometric Monitoring – Jupl’s Virtual Biometric Network (VBN) securely monitors the user’s vitals and provides critical alerts.
  • Location Tracking and Assistance – The Friends & Family service enables users to share their location and information with their carers, including friends, family, neighbors and others in their community.

“Cisco Jasper has long held that the Internet of Things is not about the ‘things,’ it’s about the services you can deliver via those connected things. This collaboration with Samsung and Jupl is a great example. Through these connected devices they are offering innovative IoT services that significantly improve the quality of life for users and create new business opportunities,” said Macario Namie, Head of IoT Strategy at Cisco Jasper. “This is consistent with Cisco Jasper’s ongoing commitment to enabling companies across all industries to transform their businesses and their customers’ lives with IoT.”

Beyond the primary market of the elderly and those in aged care, Cisco Jasper and Jupl are targeting several other audiences that could significantly benefit from this technology.

“Currently we have developed the Jupl software for the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and there’s a capacity for this device to be used by a wide range of consumers as a personal safety device,” said Alan Brannigan, CEO at Jupl. “For example, going for a run or walk late at night with the peace of mind that help is only the push of button away is sure to appeal to a wider range of consumers with an interest in health and well-being. Or for those who employ workers in high-risk jobs, this provides a way to keep track of their health, location and safety.”

“As we look to the future, we see the need to address social and business challenges through technology integration and collaboration. There are many moving parts to delivering sustainable health solutions that are robust, reliable, scalable, cost-effective (to all parties) and able to evolve as new technologies become available. Our work with Cisco Jasper and Samsung is one such example of a collaboration that creates something much greater than the sum of its parts,” said Brannigan.

The mPERS-enabled smartwatch has already been soft-launched with Bupa, the global healthcare giant which has more than 32 million customers worldwide.

“The Jupl smartwatch solution enabled by Cisco Jasper allows the wearer to stay in constant contact with Bupa, as well as caregivers, friends and family. With an aging population, this solution will provide an effective way to support independence in our elderly or high needs customers,” says Margaret Owens, Director of Independent Living at Bupa. “This is an exciting step for Bupa’s existing medical alarm offering which enables customers to be truly independent.”