Cisco Introduces New Data and Analytics Training Portfolio and Major Updates to the Data Center Certification Track

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 17, 2017 – To support the skills needed for world-class digital business transformation, Cisco today announced a new data and analytics training portfolio and significant updates to its data center certification track. The new data and analytics offerings focus on integrated data management and virtualization, teaching in-demand skills needed to connect data, processes and experiences and make better business decisions. The revised data center certifications make sure that practitioners are uniquely qualified for key roles in sophisticated data center environments.

The ability to collect and analyze data, create processes and drive experiences is necessary for digital business transformation. Enterprises need to access data from anywhere, analyze it and leverage it to make real-time decisions closer to where that data was captured. When done correctly, it can fuel innovation and improve business outcomes. Cisco is preparing professionals for today’s expanding job roles to keep IT practitioners at the forefront of innovation.

New Data and Analytics Training Portfolio

  • The new data and analytics training offerings teaches learners an agile data integration method that simplifies access to information. This streamlined approach lets businesses pull greater value from growing volumes of data more quickly, without the need for additional resources.
  • The Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics course trains an individual to design scalable, reliable and intelligent data center solutions using Cisco UCS® integrated infrastructure for big data and analytics.
  • The Data Virtualization training provides practical, hands-on skills with the Cisco® Data Virtualization Platform, including the Cisco Information Server and Business Directory.

Major Updates to the Data Center Certification Track

  • The CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Data Center certification exams and curricula have been completely revised to keep IT practitioners at the forefront of the latest key skills, technologies and industry best practices for data center infrastructure. This includes data center network management, streamlined operations through automation and the capability to implement unified computing and advanced virtualization. The programs provide the skills to establish policy-driven infrastructure across data center physical and virtual resources and the ability to secure the necessary data center resources.
  • Certified IT practitioners will have validated skills for key roles needed to enable business transformation initiatives. Skills will help streamline data center operations, implement and manage solutions and technologies, and work closely with cloud and application services teams.
  • Continuing in the tradition of providing job-role-based certification programs, the updated portfolio establishes practical knowledge through an increased focus on hands-on curriculum.

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Tejas Vashi, senior director, product strategy & marketing, Cisco Services:

“Cisco is preparing professionals for today’s expanding job roles and new skills requirements. These new data analytics and data center offerings supplement our recently introduced cloud, IoT and cybersecurity certification programs. Together, they help professionals develop the skills to manage and control enterprise-wide deployments securely and consistently. With Cisco certified practitioners, enterprises benefit from faster deployments, more efficient operations and better business outcomes with their IT infrastructure.”

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