Campofrío Food Group Leads the Way in Digitization with Cisco Connected Factory Solution

Campofrío Food Group, the leading international producer of branded processed meats, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, has cut the ribbon on a brand-new plant that boasts the latest in digital technology.

With a gross surface area expanding 99,000 square meters and an estimated production of 101,400 tons a year, the ‘New Bureba’ plant is located in Burgos, in Northern Spain. It replaces the previous facilities, destroyed by a fire in November 2014, but is far from a standard rebuild, incorporating the industrial sector’s very latest innovations.

From the beginning of the design process, Campofrío seized the opportunity to create a ‘smart’ factory that connects machines, devices, sensors and people in real-time. The company selected Cisco Connected Factory solution to create a ‘Factory 4.0’ that would enable to manage and optimize its business processes and make well-informed decisions.

Key highlights

  • IT/OT convergence. Converging IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) networks through Ethernet and IP allows Campofrío to securely inter-connect machines across the plant over a highly secure, reliable, and integrated platform. This means to streamline processes, ensure quality production, and speed up time to innovation.
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics. Implemented in line with industry standards ISA-95 and ISA-99, the Cisco Connected Factory architectural solution provides an automated interface between enterprise and control systems, allowing real-time monitoring and analytics. It aims to provide Campofrío improved control of the plant, increased efficiency and flexibility, less downtime, and higher productivity cycles.
  • Increased security. By closely controlling on-premise and remote access to plant networks by user, device, and location, it also helps improving overall company security for both digital and physical assets.
  • Partner ecosystem. The solution was deployed by Cisco Advanced Services in partnership with Aryse, Vodafone and Bluefish to deliver access, wireless, and industrial Ethernet technologies and to put in place the unified converged infrastructure.

This is the first implementation of the Cisco Connected Factory in Spain. With Cisco Connected Factory, manufacturing customers are able to benefit from a validated, complete solution to securely connect machines and sensors and gain insights from IoT data. The solution is already in use by international manufacturers globally, including General Motors, Stanley Black & Decker, and Daimler Trucks North America.

Supporting quotes

  • Javier Álvarez, CIO at Campofrío Food Group: “Upon a great effort made by our employees, customers and partners, we’ve created one of the most advanced food manufacturing plants in Europe. Designing our ‘New Bureba’ facility with connectivity at its core, we are confident to have a Factory 4.0 blueprint that will help us in continuing to demonstrate excellence through innovation, competitive pricing and rapid time to market.”Jesús Mansilla, Enterprise Manager at Cisco Spain: To stay competitive, manufacturers need to create an expanded, adaptable network infrastructure that connects IT systems with the plant floor and get monitoring and analytics in real-time. The digital manufacturing foundation delivered by Cisco Connected Factory is a great example of the Industrial Internet of Things in action.”

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