Bitdefender Releases Revolutionary Security against Targeted Attacks

Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) defends enterprises against APTs through live memory introspection

Bitdefender, the innovative security software solutions provider, has announced the availability of its revolutionary security framework, Hypervisor Introspection, starting Jan. 26 2017.

The unique security layer works directly at hypervisor level, where not even advanced or evasive malware can hide its tracks, to keep businesses safe from disruption or financial loss.

Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection, or HVI, leverages XenServer Direct Inspect APIs to run introspection of the raw memory of virtual machines, where information is unaltered – a technology deemed impossible to achieve until now. Bitdefender HVI offers true agentless security, with zero guest or drivers in the protected VMs, and is fully compatible with all existing security layers.

Developed to fortify datacenters running XenServer 7.0 against targeted attacks through live memory introspection at hypervisor level, the next-generation solution reveals and eliminates kernel-based malware or zero-days by real-time scanning of memory on Windows and Linux virtual machines.

“Bitdefender’s strong collaboration with Citrix has resulted in us coming to market with a memory introspection technology that was believed impossible,” said Harish Agastya, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at Bitdefender. “Decision-makers can now experience first-hand this ground-breaking solution. Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection will finally level the playing field against advanced targeted threats.”

Leveraging hardware-enforced isolation, HVI is positioned completely outside the operation system, allowing it to detect never-before-seen threats that existing in-guest endpoint security solution might miss. Complimenting existing business security tools, HVI monitors infrastructures without impacting consolidation ratios or slowing down user activity on the VM.

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