A10 Launching New Partner Program Focusing on Solutions

TOKYO – March 23, 2017 – A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a leading secure application services company, is today launching a new partner program focused on solutions, the “A10 Solution Partner Program,” to assure peace of mind for customers implementing solutions that require high-level skills and extensive experience. As a first step in this program, A10 has approved Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited (FNETS) as a Cloud Proxy Solution Partner.

Reasons for launching the A10 Solution Partner Program
Through its Thunder series unified application service gateways, A10 offers solutions that allow the creation of user-friendly network environments, from application delivery to security. A10 provides a range of solutions to meet widely varying customer needs, but demand for more finely tuned services, calling for greater specialist knowledge and higher technical capabilities, has been growing in relation to particular solutions.

Against this backdrop, A10 launched its A10 Solution Partner Program, which seeks to encourage partners specializing in a particular solutions for which there is high market demand or which are aimed at revitalizing the market. Under this program, A10 will select one partner with strengths in these solutions, and provide it with more specialist technological and marketing support. A10 will work with the approved partner under the program to meet the high expectations of its customers and promote the deployment of these solutions.

Content of the support offered to A10 Solution Partner Program approved partners:

  • Validation of new functions in A10’s laboratories, and access to the expertise of A10’s technical division
  • Unlimited access to vThunder virtualized appliances
  • Approval and training of solutions specialist software engineers
  • A range or marketing support

First step in the A10 Solution Partner Program: Cloud Proxy Solution Partner
As the first step in its A10 Solution Partner Program, A10 has established a Cloud Proxy Solution Partner designation for partners specializing in cloud proxy solutions*1 and approved FNETS as a Cloud Proxy Solution Partner.

Deployment of cloud applications as a new communication infrastructure has been increasing in recent years. At the same time, the use of cloud applications has increased traffic volume, which can slow in-house networks and applications and affect performance. It is also important to be able to ensure security of access to cloud applications.

To resolve these issues, the technical capability to design optimal solutions tailored to the needs of individual companies, as well as expertise in and sales channels for both networks and cloud applications is essential. Newly approved partner FNETS has a strong track record in this field, which includes providing the companies’ joint solution, the A10 Cloud Proxy + FNETS DLIST Manager solution. Thanks to its approval as a cloud proxy solution partner, FNETS will be able to expand its provision of services relating to these solutions, and both companies will be able to promote user-friendly cloud applications to corporate users.