The Metaverse Could Become a Top Avenue for Cyberattacks in 2023


A combination of maturing and emerging consumer-facing cyber threats could add to the many challenges that enterprise security teams will need to contend with in 2023.

Researchers at Kaspersky, looking at how the cyber threat landscape will likely evolve over the next year, expect that threat actors will expand use of many of their current tactics while exploring new avenues for attack via social media, streaming services, and online gaming platforms.

For business admins, the expansion of brands into the world of the metaverse (the theoretical universal and immersive virtual world of the Internet, facilitated by the use of virtual reality and social media) could open them up to attack. And in the era of remote work and bring-your-own-device (BYOD), any consumer threat is potentially an enterprise one, so IT security teams would do well to follow the trends in this space.