US Charges 8 People Over Cybercrime, Tax Fraud Scheme


The defendants, Andi Jacques, Monika Shauntel Jenkins, Louis Noel Michel, Jeff Jordan Propht-Francisque, Dickenson Elan, Michael Jean Poix, Vladimyr Cherelus, and Louisaint Jolteus, allegedly worked together to perform computer intrusions and fraud.

An indictment unsealed this week alleges that, between 2015 and 2019, the defendants along with others, including a now-deceased conspirator referred to as Rich4Ever4430, banded together in a cybercrime and fraud scheme involving tax returns.

Jenkins, Michel, Propht-Francisque, Cherelus, and Rich4Ever4430, the indictment claims, purchased on the dark web server credentials for Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and tax preparation firms and used them to access those systems and exfiltrate the tax returns of thousands.