Researchers Uncover Real Identity of CypherRAT and CraxsRAT Malware Developer


Using the online handle of ‘EVLF DEV’ and operating out of Syria for the past eight years, the individual is believed to have made over $75,000 from selling the two RATs to various threat actors. The same person is also a malware-as-a-service (MaaS) operator, according to Cyfirma.

For the past three years, EVLF has been offering CraxsRAT, one of the most dangerous Android RATs available now, on a surface web store, with at least 100 lifetime licenses sold to date.

The CraxsRAT builder, Cyfirma says, generates highly obfuscated packages, allowing threat actors to customize the contents based on the type of attack they are preparing, including with WebView page injections.