Kaspersky named leader in Info-Tech 2022 Data Quadrant Report for Endpoint Protection

Woburn, MA – August 12, 2022 — Info-Tech has recognized Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business as a top-ranked leader in its Data Quadrant Report 2022, which analyzed a range of endpoint protection solutions. Kaspersky is the highest-rated vendor out of the 14 featured in the report receiving a composite score of 8.9/10 for its product features, user satisfaction and overall vendor experience.

Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant Report evaluates popular products from the endpoint protection market, allowing customers to make informed decisions when purchasing software. The products are ranked based on feedback from real users, including IT and business professionals. In the report, all products are categorized in two dimensions: product features and satisfaction, and vendor experience and capabilities. This includes elements such as software implementation, training and support, as well as vendor trustworthiness and respect, among others.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business achieved the highest vendor rating for user emotional response with a Net Emotional Footprint of 97%. Kaspersky is also the highest rated for overall product features among all the vendors with a score of 85%, and is ranked among the top three vendors for 10 of the product features evaluated in report. In four of the categories including cross-platform integration, dynamic malware detection, host NGFW (next-generation firewall) functionality, and forensics, the product grabbed the first place.

Endpoint protection is an essential part of Kaspersky’s enterprise portfolio. It is a fundamental security measure for any organization, enabling automatic protection from most threats, including ransomware, fileless malware or web threats. Along with cloud and network protection products, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business delivers security foundations which customers can then extend with advanced security solutions and services such as MDR, anti-APT and others depending on their needs.

“It is great to see Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security for Business once again being recognized for the value and protection it brings to our customers,” said Ivan Vassunov, vice president of corporate products for Kaspersky. “With the threat landscape continuing to grow, it is imperative that businesses ensure complete protection over their endpoints, and we are proud to be positioned as leaders in this field. To enable complete protection over endpoints our product Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business embeds not only top-notch threat prevention mechanisms, but also advanced EDR functionality, and works as an agent for collecting telemetry and incident responses for our 24/7 MDR service. Kaspersky experts are constantly working on improving our products, both in terms of their security features and the user experience, and we are pleased to see these reflected in the real world.”

The full Info-Tech 2022 Data Quadrant Report for Endpoint Protection report can be found here.

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